Aurora Ends Its Partnership with Etherscan

Aurora brings its partnership with Etherscan to an end, decommissioning Aurorascan and moving on to develop its own block explorer.

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Aurora’s partnership with Etherscan has been a successful one. As the most popular block explorer for Ethereum, Etherscan introduced a familiar set of tools to the Aurora ecosystem facilitating project deployments. However, as Aurora continues to grow and innovate, it needs to develop its own tailor-made robust tooling to fulfill its vision.

Aurora’s mission is to facilitate the adoption of Web3 technology and unlock its potential for any user and business. To achieve this, Aurora needs to provide scalable, convenient and turnkey blockchain infrastructure, able to accommodate a wide range of needs in the most efficient and sustainable way. Relying on vendor-provided core infrastructure components creates potential risks and functional limitations. Hence, the development of our own block explorer becomes imperative.

With the launch of the new Aurora block explorer, innovative use cases will become possible that will open up the gates of Web3 to a wider range of businesses. While the Aurora Labs team works on the new Aurora block explorer—whose launch is expected to take place in the coming months—users will in the meantime be able to rely on our Blockscout-based interim solution to perform their usual tasks, located at

About Aurora

Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based on the layer 1 proof-of-stake blockchain NEAR Protocol. Aurora provides a solution for developers to deploy their apps on an Ethereum-compatible, high-speed, scalable, and future-proof platform with low transaction costs for their users.

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