Aurora DAO

The AuroraDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that governs the Aurora protocol.

The AuroraDAO functions similar to a traditional Board of Directors, in that there is a "Council" of seats, the holders of which vote on high-level protocol matters, authorize and direct subordinate organizations to achieve those objectives.

The bootstrap Council consists of Aurora Labs—i.e. the entity that developed and maintain the Aurora protocol—along with a diverse set of early investors and ecosystem partners. Holders of AURORA tokens will periodically vote on the constituency of the Council.


The council members will vote on high-level decisions related to the operations and incentives of the network, and will authorize and direct subordinate organizations to achieve those objectives.
Aurora Labs
Aurora Labs is the entity that employs the team actively maintaining the Aurora protocol, under direction of the AuroraDAO.
Principal Investors
A number of DAO seats will be held by the key early investors in Aurora.
Ecosystem Partners
A number of AuroraDAO seats will be held by key early ecosystem partners such as platforms, protocols and respected ecosystem participants.


The AuroraDAO Council will discuss and vote on proposals that are raised by the community, and which relate to the Aurora protocol and its ecosystem.
Request for payout Ⓝ211,000.00 to bridge-funding.near

Compensation to Aurora Labs

Bootstrapping the ecosystem for AURORA

Request for payout Ⓝ106,000.00 to aurora-liquidity.near

Implementation of the KYC process for the $AURORA IDO
$AURORA Initial Dex Offering (IDO)

IDO of $AURORA should happen according to the document with SHA-256 a4ec8390914f38c43ecb8b230012331deabeeb9c09d11bf5e52bc3c7fe9de1ac. The total amount of $AURORA for sale is 1M. Aurora Labs to coordinate the sale on behalf of the AuroraDAO and provide tokens for the sale and post-sale activities from previous allocation

Transfer of 32% of $AURORA to Aurora Labs according with the agreed token distribution
Add tamatoa.near to the council
Approve $AURORA Token
Add Etherscan to the list of DAO members
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